"Keep Awake therefore, for you do not know on what day your Lord is coming." Matthew 24:42

Cross of Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church

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Our Mission Statement: We are a community united in Jesus Christ, sharing God's love through word and deed.

Past Musical Excerpts

Below are recordings of select music from our Services starting from late December 2008. Additional recordings will be added as they are converted into digital format. The music is in mp3 format, suitable for listening on your computer or downloading and playing on any mp3 player.

You can click on the link to listen to it on your computer or right-click on the link and select the "Save Target/Link As" from the menu to download it to your computer to add to your music collection. Please email the Webmeister if you have difficulties downloading or wish to request a different audio format.

Please note: As with any live performance, background sounds from the sanctuary are typically present on all recordings.



Note: Initial recordings in 2008 were a test to determine feasibility of recording certain musical portions of the service and the logistics to do so. Level setting changes, microphone adjustments, distortion, clipping, or other imperfections in the recording may be present.

All musical excerpts are (c) 2008-2009 Cross of Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, Babylon, NY 11702. Non-commercial personal use and re-distribution of the unaltered files is permitted. Commercial use is stricly prohibited.

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