"Keep Awake therefore, for you do not know on what day your Lord is coming." Matthew 24:42

Cross of Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church

576 Deer Park Ave., Babylon NY 11702   phone: (631)661-7245, fax: (631)893-4406

Office E-mail address Office@CCLChurch.com

Our Mission Statement: We are a community united in Jesus Christ, sharing God's love through word and deed.

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 Sunday Worship: ........ 8am & 9am 
 Sunday School: ........... 9am 
 Pastor: Rev. Joanne A. Bond (631) 661-7245
 Church Office: (631) 661-7245
 Preschool Director: Allison Marinos
 Preschool Office Phone: (631) 376-0773

 The Week at a Glance:

Aug 20th
Aug 21st
Aug 22nd
Aug 23rd
Aug 24th
Aug 25th
Aug 26th

8am & 9am

Children in Church w/Family

No Sunday School

1st Softball Playoff Game

2nd Softball Playoff Game (if we win 1st)

Nothing Scheduled

No Bible Study

Nothing Scheduled

No Food Pantry

No Feeding the Flock

Nothing Scheduled

No Bell Choir rehearsal

No Choir rehearsal

Nothing Scheduled

Tai Chi class

Nothing Scheduled

Next Sunday
Aug 27th

 8am & 9am - Eucharist
 9am - Children come to Church w/Family
 No Sunday School
 No Coffee Hour

 Mark your calendars !

Pastoral Requests: If you become hospitalized or are having a surgical procedure, please inform the church office so that your name may be included in the prayers of the church, and so that we may visit you to bring comfort and/or Holy Comunion.

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